Become a Partner

Become a Partner


The Organisation of The Cambridge Institute Partner Licences

Following the impressive success of The Cambridge Institute learning system in its home market it is now licensed and being offered to licensees worldwide as a franchise system. The Cambridge Institute, Vaduz, is the owner of the global rights to the course system and all intellectual property pertaining thereto. Partnerships with new licensees will be established by means of a contract with the local partner.

Commitments and services of the Licensor

  • The granting of the use and exploitation of the course system in the local market (including all intellectual property rights, ie: software, learning materials, model Teacher Lessons) in accordance with the terms of the license contract.
  • Assistance in choosing the location and in the setting-up and organisation of the school.
  • Assistance in the conception, layout and fitting-out of the Study centre.
  • Support in marketing, start-up, development, and market positioning.
  • The granting of user-rights of registered proprietary names.
  • The continual development of the course offer.
  • The production and sales of the learning materials.
  • The organising of directors' meetings, and teaching and marketing seminars.
  • The training of the teachers prior to the school opening.
  • The training of the sales personnel and consultants.

Commitments and services of the Licensee

  • The setting-up of and actively marketing the course system on the local market.
  • Payment of a fixed initial licence fee at the commencement of the contract (dependent on market size).
  • Payment of a licence fee based on turnover (on the basis of monthly-achieved turnover).
  • Running courses according to the system within the framework of the quality-guarantee terms of the licence contract.

Licensor and Licensee: A Common Interest Guarantees Success

The Cambridge Institute licence offer is for people who have entrepreneurial aptitude. People who have both the will and the ability to take a proven sevice product and establish it on the local market. The prerequisites are a talent for organisation and marketing experience. The potential for success is considerable. The Cambridge Institute recipe for success combines the experience of the licensor as the creator of an innovative learning system on the one hand with the entrepreneurial talent and local market knowledge of the licensee on the other. It is this combination which creates a long-term successful partnership. The future belongs to the licence partners.

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